“I’m committed to sip my morning coffee in quietude, trust my ideas, book a pastry class with Gordon, &, finally, write the play I talked for years.”

Nod if this looks like the carbon copy of your daily life


(brew yourself an iced mocha with a cute umbrella while you keep reading)



Ditch old thoughts, declutter old ideas that no longer serve you, say goodbye to unsolicited opinions. 


Follow your own ideas  (even when they go against the grain) whether it leads to write a book for your grand children, win an orchid competition, run a 10k at 68 along the French Riviera, or chill sipping a cup of Earl Grey in a vintage flowery cup somewhere in the Cotswolds. 


It’s your birthright to do no harm but take no sh!t. RESET is your first baby to it!

The antidote to fast-paced living

The antidote to fast-paced living

Comfort Zone Rocks is a signature blend of cosy lifestyle, unconventional tools & intuition to sustain a rock solid assertiveness.

For the past 20+ years, societal pressure, magazines, and social media have shaped our perceptions, conditioned our core beliefs, and poking us to heavily rely on self-help coaches.

The ones who hammered down principles like:
– “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”
– “Go high or go home.”
– “You must push forward.”
– “You’ll have time to rest when you’ll be dead.”
– (and the infamous, out of its original context) “Get out of your Comfort Zone.”

It was the rise of self-help era: spreading instant gratifications pep talks to motivate people to do more, be more, achieve more.

Today, those frequently frazzled Humans long for an alternative way of life: one that balance alone time, creativity, and cosiness with confidence and assertiveness.

Comfort Zone Rocks is paving this path for you.


What fellow Rockstars feel about Comfort Zone Rocks
  • Purdey is very engaged, asks thoughtful questions and is always a source of help for other members in the group.

    Melanie W.

  • Purdey is committed to her work, her dedication, and high standards are remarkable. Her reliability, generosity, and enthusiasm makes her a fantastic teacher.

    Vincent D.

RESET has three main goals




You can’t pave your way to assertiveness until you have some spare space, some safe container where you’re free to experiment new ideas. Since the release of Reset 1.0 as a workbook in 2019, we’re convinced your journey starts with a getting out with the old, outdated,  & unsolicited opinions that hinder your joie de vivre.


And, we do so by leveraging three components of your personality. The exact components 99,9% online courses want you to hide, erase, or brush over.


When you take RESET, you’ll put your fingers on what’s bugging you and you’ll learn how to release them safely and easily.





A core component of our method relies on implanting a cosiness-based way of living. A slow-paced schedule where you’re able to do your job, run your errands, and actively choose to protect your spare time.


The idea? When you’re able to decrease the unwanted outer noise, you gain more brain bandwidth, you feel calmer, your mindset is clearer, your wisdom is sharper.





Creativity is a byproduct of the clarity you gain from living a cosy-based lifestyle.


Whether you use your creativity to release emotions, share your message, build up innovative solutions for your work….it’ll sustain your confidence, your sense of fulfillment, your joy, your passion, as well as your curiosity to learn more.

The Open Sesame?

The Comfort Zone Lifestyle© is the branded method we use at Comfort Zone Rocks ✨


Based on 3 pillars (Craft, Plan, & Release), our lifestyle encapsulates how to set healthy emotional boundaries and craft a cosy-loaded lifestyle where you slow down, cultivate joy, feel confident to say NO, and trust your intuition


Just like its first aid counterpart, our CPR method infuses a breath of much needed fresh air when you feel suffocated and repressed.



It’s this three-angled approach that makes our method innovative.

✅ Our method explores how to effortlessly set emotional boundaries


✅ But, what makes it one-of-a-kind is that it has a positive ripple effect in your entire way of living


Having emotional boundaries offers you a container, a safe space where you have the freedom to experiment what makes you happy and confident. It gives you the opportunity to be more creative, find clarity, have more concentration, develop composure, be more confident in your whole self.


???? Cherry???? on the top? The Comfort Zone Lifestyle© is radically simple & unconventional:


❌ NO mandatory lists of items to buy.

❌ NO cookie cutter tips.

❌ NO shame or guilt for hating broccoli juice.

❌ NO Facebook group

❌ NO live calls at 2am (hello time zone difference)

❌ NO icebreaking moments

❌ NO need to watch videos at 2x speed to skip rambling chit chat

❌ NO forum/ hot seats

❌ NO “what the point?” or “when are we going to the heart of the issue?”

How many times have you enrolled in a course & throw the towel on the start line because you’re supposed to:

  • interact with 28 967 789 other attendees in a crowded forum
  • introduce yourself out of the blue during a live call (yes, with the video and the mic on ???? )
  • follow live workshops at 1.30 am (which leads you to flip your daily life upside down)

Well (sigh of relief included) ???? , here’s the good news: NONE, ZERO, NADA, NITCH… of those are part of the Comfort Zone Lifestyle© method.

ALL are optional.

Why? Because we believe there’s beauty in simplicity. We believe it’s our mission to deliver a simple course so you can follow through with ease (instead of wasting 9 438 hours per week catching up on community, instagram stories, youtube shorts, live calls, …) Sounds like a deal?

We keep it simple so you can:

✅ immerse yourself & explore lessons as much as you want

✅ organize your learning schedule to fit your lifestyle (not the other way around)

✅ enjoy the flexibility to learn at your own pace

✅ visualize your progress

✅ ditch informations overload

✅ engage in practical exercises to apply & deepen your knowledge

✅ explore individual adaptations based on the tools you learnt

✅ ponder and reflect new concepts with prompts & creative activities

Our method encourages you to embrace and rely on your Comfort Zone to sustain a rock solid confidence. Because, if mainstream self-help has regularly disappointed you, it may be time to give a try to an unconventional approach: this is what Comfort Zone Rocks is all about.

  • I love the guided sections of Reset. That’s nice to have something to walk me through stages of thinking and reflection in preparation for the next year.


  • I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me. Your advice about actively planning Me Time and the fact it’s not selfish is something I want to work on.


  • You are my biggest inspiration and always have been.


  • Thank you so very much for your time sharing your insight and knowledge.


  • What an interesting podcast. Such practical advice and her voice is so calming.


  • This is such a wonderful idea and something I think many people need to do to help them work through their thoughts and feelings. Thank you for putting this together.


What's inside?

What’s inside?

The reset Syllabus

Inside of RESET, there are three (3) modules designed to be done in order so you can go from wrapping your head around the idea of emotional overwhelm to understanding the basics components of cosiness-based lifestyle.

If you aren’t big fan of hour long lectures, you can sigh in relief! RESET is crafted to mix short, snappy lessons, practical exercises, self-reflections activities at your own pace.

MODULE 1: to be disclosed soon

MODULE 2: to be disclosed soon

MODULE 3: to be disclosed soon

Founder of Reset

Founder of Reset


– AKA “The Thought Provoking Tattooed Scholar” she’s a writer, podcaster, course creator & founder of Comfort Zone Rocks, an online platform to tame never ending “good life” To Dos, cultivate cosy lifestyle & turn it into unwavering trust in your intuition.

Penrose, in between Gen X & early Millennial, launched Comfort Zone Rocks in 2022 to (re) discover the emotional, physical, spiritual benefits of embracing a cosy slow way of living- all while breaking free from the “name & shame” regularly associated with introversion. Her mission is to own the concept of Comfort Zone with a new perspective: by turning it into an endless source of success, victory, and confidence to dare.

Penrose is the author of COMFORT ZONE ROCKS, an anti self-help book plotting her journey from recovering after a suicidal attempt during her PhD in Montreal (Canada) paired with massive burn out, to discovering the power of intuition, cosiness, and healthy boundaries. (currently in editing)

Penrose is also the host of THE HYGGE PLANNER SHOW, with more than 135 episodes and over 120 000 downloads since its launch. It’s a 10-min break to cultivate cosiness, discover the Danish art of cosiness (Hygge), & debunk common myths around cosiness/ comfort zone.

She can’t live without heavy metal, has to eat Swiss chocolate or else… and is probably somewhere writing/ doodling a way to mix two unrelated topics like sushi and tarot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask you questions along the way?

A comment section is opened underneath each lesson.

Feel free to use it for sharing your thoughts, asking questions, or anything else.

I’ll personally answer your questions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

You have few testimonials, is RESET legit?

Originally RESET was my best selling workbook. It helped close to 100 ah-mazing Humans to declutter their mindset in the comfort of their homes.

With an online course, RESET is now providing deeper support and more practical activities. You’ll help me shape the course to make it ultra relevant and effective.

Is RESET another quick fix thing?

No!! It’s def’ not a quick fix scheme.

RESET is the foundation every frequently frazzled Human needs to find clarity, to cultivate confidence, and to trust your judgement. Bye bye unsolicited opinions.

I hate prescribed methodologies & I tried so many course before with zero results. So what?

I feel you. Investing in a course is a lot of time, energy, and money. So you deserve results.

RESET is not about giving you a cookie cutter methodology. It’s about learning a set of tools and various ways to use them so that you have room for personal adaptation and tweaks.

I don’t have hours per day to learn. Is it worthy to join?

You have a life to live (and it’s important to honour it).

That’s why I designed short lessons with roughly this structure:

-discovery activity

– new concept/ new idea content

-practical activities

-self-reflection prompts to go deeper

You’d need ONE hour max per week to go through the material.

Can I find all the info on internet if I search?

To some extent, it’s probable. I can’t reinvent the wheel on what an introvert is or what overwhelm feels.

That said none of the exercises, tools, activities can be found on internet. There are exclusive creations for RESET.

Is it safe to buy from you?

You’ll check out on our shopping site (www.PurdeyPenrose.com)

You have the option to use:

-your credit card

-Paypal (Paypal makes all your purchases safe and the refund quick, and easy)

I am ZERO access to your credit card number, authentification, or any personal data.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Once you’ve made a purchase, you’re granted with a 14-day money back guarantee.

No question asked.

Send me an email at KeepItSimpe@ComfortZone.Rocks

I’ll proceed to the refund in the next 48 hours but I can’t guarantee the time needed by banking services to actually send your refund.

Is RESET for me if I’m NOT introvert?

Whether you identify or not to introversion, you’re more than welcome.

But if you don’t identify as an Introvert, chances are you won’t find this course to be a perfect fit.

If you have questions, I’d encourage you to do some research about your personality first and then to enroll.

How much does it cost?

RESET is a ONE TIME fee online course.

For this first round, the price is $247 (USD)

Are you GDPR compliant?

Indeed, I am.

Based in Europe, GDPR is a mandatory regulation that protects your privacy and your data. I have ZERO access to your physical address, or to your banking details.

Rockstars Testimonials

Rockstars Love Comfort Zone Rocks — they really like us!
  • Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you are doing to support those of us in the virtual world.


  • You just made my day. I’m honored to be a part of your journey.

    Marina De Giovanni

  • Ooohh I want that book!


  • I have never seen anyone use Hygge like that…makes me wonder… maybe it works.




Ditch old thoughts, declutter old ideas that no longer serve you, say goodbye to unsolicited opinions. 


Follow your own ideas  (even when they go against the grain) whether it leads to write a book  for your grand children, win an orchid competition, run  a 10k at 68 along the French Riviera, or chill sipping a cup ☕️ of Earl Grey in a vintage flowery cup somewhere in the Cotswolds. 


It’s your birthright to do no harm but take no sh!t.

RESET is your first baby to it!