Take that pastry class, run marathons & sip a mocha. It’s about time you stack up your passions.

Polymaths don’t need a library of self-help crap (“follow one path only” anyone?) to strut through life. All they should rely on is a paper planner as their VIP Lounge Ticket for Assertiveness.

That Lifestyle is yours to create:

Watch more sunsets ???? cuddling your 13-year old dog

Fill sketchbooks ???? of pastel penciled memories from Paris or London

Buy your first white orchid ???? in memory of your Great Granny and make it bloom again

Savor the peace ☮ of alone time to fuel your needs for purpose, meaning, and creativity as a Multitalented.

At Maverick Muse, we advocate “The CPR Lifestyle”©is the antidote to never-ending “Normal Life ToDo’s”, cookie cutter tips about following ONE path only, & crippling self-doubt about your diverse talents.

What if the change starts right now?

Maverick Muse is the avant-garde & trailblazing blend of boundaries, coziness, paper planning, & self-discoveryto ditch imposter syndrome & navigate your various talents with a rock solid self-confidence. ????

Seen as too generalist, unable to focus on one topic, non hire-able, being Multitalented was depicted as a curse… a Jack of all trades, Master of none.

In a world designed for single focus & straightforward Humans, where being loud and talking a lot are praised, it’s especially hard to find your sweet spot as a Renaissance Soul, a Polymath, a Multi-Creative. 

???? Until the recent pandemic. ????

It’s been a chance for us to reclaim our core strengths: incredibly observant, ready to transfer skills from a previous passion of yours, highly creative, on the edge to constant reinvention….

Being Multipotentialite is slowly but surely gaining more respect. 

Maverick Muse flattens the learning curve for fellow Renaissance Humans on how to navigate through life with assertiveness. Creating a lifestyle you don’t beg to escape for… where you can enjoy your diverse passions… where you don’t have to wait until Friday 5pm to put a smile on your face because you, finally, have time for your gouache love.

Do no harm, take no sh!t

Do no harm, take no sh!t

Bye bye 3am yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️ session, questionable green juice, & frosty meditations chanting mantras about chakras alignment.

Bye bye second guessing your dreams of becoming a Pastry Chef at 43.

Bye bye unsolicited negative feedback on your last presentation to make you doubt your talents.

Hello italian moka ☕️ ristretto & walk in the forest when you want.

Hello summer ☀️ gatherings around a bonfire wrapped in blankets savoring yummy s’mores, drinking decadent smooth hot cocoa, spotting Venus and Ursa Major in the sky for your next photo exhibition.

Hello binge watching tutorials on YouTube to feed your love for drawing ✏️, trying urban sketching during your next walk to collect memories.

Hello slowing down enough to tame overwhelm/ outer noise, following your intuition’s 🔮 breadcrumbs, & turning your insights into practical plans, celebrating 🎊 every tiny victory along the way.

If it’s your dream , no need to wake up.


Let us show what we can do for you


Our company helps Midlife Multitalented weave their diverse passions into a cozy lifestyle that sustains assertiveness.


Because Coziness creates Confidence. PERIOD


The kind of lifestyle where you:

  • have the time to take a 10-min nap without guilt,
  • plan your weeks to work on your three passions AND have time to rest.
  • have your weekend off work (your boss, Laura, can wait until Monday for the historical powerpoint)
  • enjoy staycation as your home is your haven of peace and calmness
  • cultivate your curiosity to learn new topics
  • ditch self-doubt and second guessing about your best next move

Our Special Rx? The CPR Lifestyle©


The CPR Lifestyle© is

the branded method we use at Maverick Muse ✨

Based on 3 pillars (Craft, Plan, & Release), this fully customizable framework encapsulates how to craft a cosy-loaded lifestyle where you:

???? feel confident to say NO ❌ when someone steps on your 12 cm high heels ????,

-master your time with ZERO guilt,

-and trust your Multipotentiality

Just like its first aid counterpart, our CPR Lifestyle© infuses a breath of much needed fresh air when you feel suffocated and repressed. 

No mandatory lists of items to buy.

No cookie cutter tips.

No shame or guilt for hating broccoli juice.

We share ideas and actionable steps you can take & we encourage you to try, test, and tweak to spot what’s meaningful, enjoyable, & sustainable for you. 

✨Because you matter.✨

The 3 goals of the CPR Lifestyle©

1/ Break free from toxic positivity

There’s no way to be unapologetically you when you feel pressured to fix your multitalented personality to be accepted.

After years of experiment, we’ve pinpointed one crucial breakthrough to kick start your confidence: stop giving a F*** to unsolicited opinions.

We’ll share simple & practical techniques to trust yourself first, find peace of mind, & tame self-doubt.

2/ Create a safe space to practice your multipotentiality

To embrace a lifestyle where you trust your self & feel assertive, you first need a container, a space where you’ll have the freedom to experiment what works for you.

It’s about time to redefine our boundaries as a healthy method to honor, respect, and protect your emotional needs. It’s not about constantly doing the extra mile with Alex your so-called friend, or competing for the “Most Neglected Renaissance Human of the Year”.

3/ Turn cosy life into unwavering confidence in your life path

My Great Granny & Scandinavian ancestors inspired a near & dear component of our branded method.

It focuses on cosiness, simple pleasures, collecting memories instead of sacrificing your sanity to draining events.

We encourage you to reclaim what your soul needs to thrive: calmness, creativity, practical planning & fun (without asking for permission: it’s your birthrightto follow what’s good for you)

How it works

How it works

To be disclosed soon

Close your eyes & imagine how you’d feel…

taking your first cheese & wine degustation class with your two besties (remembering with a big smile your biggest faux pas ever: drinking Sauternes while eating bleu cheese. Your stomach still remembers it)

starting a scrapbook to collect memorabilia, drawings, texts, collages from your afternoon tea party in the coziest London tea shop ever by a foggy & wet day of November

having a whole day off to cuddle your dog & nap #noshame

wrapped in a blanket with the unique soft smell of a beeswax candle lit, reading The Orient Express murder for the 100th times as the snowstorm is raging outside

learning how to sew from scratch so you can express your personality through unique accessories and clothes (blessed be Iris Apfel)

& celebrate the rhythm of each season, daydreaming about which adventures are ahead

Meet Purdey

Meet Purdey

Founder of Maverick Muse

-aka The Paper Planner Maven, Purdey Penrose is a French Polymath who inspires you in:
– crafting a lifestyle that cares for you, first
– cultivating a rock solid assertiveness

???? Oh yes, you did it ????