About Purdey Penrose

-AKA “The Paper Planner Maven” is a Multipotentialite: artist, writer, podcaster, course creator, & founder of Maverick Muse, a movement to inspire midlife polymaths assertively navigate their diverse passions using one trusted compass: a paper planner

About Purdey Penrose

Penrose, in between Gen X & early Millennial, launched Maverick Muse in 2024 when she realized this: “To strut through life like you own the damn runway, Multitalented don’t need a full library of self-help crap. All they need is ONE trusted compass: a paper planner where they brew their secret sauce for flipping off convention and owning their multi-passionate talents.”

She is the host of COZY, DOTS, AND TIME (formerly known as THE HYGGE PLANNER SHOW), with more than 138 episodes and over 126 000 downloads since its launch. It’s a 10-min break to let the steam out and your hair down when you’re a Multi-Talented

Penrose is the author of COMFORT ZONE ROCKS, an anti self-help book plotting her journey from recovering after a suicidal attempt during her PhD in Montreal (Canada), to coining her Multi-Creative nature and discovering the power of cosy lifestyle to sustain and strengthen self-confidence. (currently in re-editing)

She can’t live without heavy metal, has to eat Swiss chocolate or else… and is probably somewhere writing/ doodling/sketch-noting a way to mix two unrelated topics like sushi and tarot. Mulitpotentialite ’til the fingertips.

Let’s Work Together!

You’ve tried all the planners on the planet Earth (& even got special delivery from Jupiter yesterday…) but you’re still wondering why… but why…. is it soooo daunting for you?


First, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Second, scribble me and let me help you to untangle this.